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A Clean Fleet Is A Happy Fleet

The first impression your customers get is often the appearance of your fleet.  Let Liquid Shine Fleet Washing make that the best impression possible!

About Liquid shine fleet washing

Rick Thompson

Rick grew up working the oil fields of Northern New Mexico where long days and very hard work were the norm.  In 2008, when gas prices crashed and drilling became scarce, Rick went to school obtaining his CDL and continued work in the oil fields driving commercial vehicles.  

In 2018, to be closer to children and grand-children, Rick and his wife Kelly moved to Daphne where he started working for Everwood Treatment.  At the end of the week, after making deliveries, Rick would wash their fleet of 20 trucks.

Combining his experience with the help and knowledge of his son Tyler, of Liquid Shine Pressure Washing, Rick is excited to bring you the best service possible using the latest, modern equipment and technology to get your fleet sparkling clean.

What we do

We come to you and professionally clean the exterior of your 18 wheelers, big rigs, semi-trailers, and company vehicles of all sizes and descriptions.

How we do it

We use a brushless, 2-step process to get your vehicles sparkling clean.  The first step uses a detergent that removes inorganic soils like sand, dirt, and corrosion.  The second step detergent removes organic stains such as oil and grease.  Combined the two detergents are inert and environmentally friendly.

Protect your fleet with regular cleaning

Regular truck cleaning will help you convey a sharp business image.  Dirt and road grime will harm your vehicle as well if not kept clean on a regular basis.  We can schedule service to meet your needs.

Premium-Quality Service Since 2021